SearchQuirks is an attempt at an SEO-based web-comic. There’s plenty to poke fun at in this industry so I thought I’d give it a go…

I’ve been a fan of illustration (both printed and digital) for as long as I remember. In-fact; it was a comic concerning a certain blue hedgehog that got me reading as a child! I’ve dabbled in design and illustration but SEO is my real career. I first started thinking about creating an SEO-based web-comic after listening to The Regulators over at the SEO Training Dojo.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s a highly entertaining (SEO-related) audio-cast where guys like David Harry and Terry Van Horne trash-talk Penguin and gawk at Google. The humorous anecdotes shared on that audio-cast inspired me to commit my own experiences to a visual medium, resulting in these little sketchlings.

As I became more integrated into the Dojo’s community I started chatting to a guy called Doc Sheldon who was having a similar idea. With plenty of inspiration drawn from content conundrums, disavow disagreements and general industry frustrations we joined forces to create SearchQuirks.

We’re still in a very early phase right now. But check back regularly and our efforts will present themselves…

– James (aka StudiumCirclus)

I love humor, satire or irony – and I love SEO. The latter certainly includes some irony now and then, and once in a while, a little humor. So it stands to reason that a combination of SEO with either of these would promise to be fun. Who knows? Maybe we can even get a point across here and there.

One of my favorite aspects of SEO is trying to figure out what Google is really looking at and figuring out how to use that to my clients’ advantage. A close second to that is pointing out false and misleading information (no shortage of that, as you may have noticed).

I thought a comic style might be a good way to do that, so when I found out James had a fair amount of artistic talent (something not to be found in my arsenal), it seemed like a perfect opportunity. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun with SearchQuirks – we hope you do too.

-Doc Sheldon (aka Doc Sheldon on Twitter DocSheldon)